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About Us

Our Story

Prairie Networks, LLC, a division of Agate Mutual Telephone, was formed January 27, 2000 as a long distance provider who is part of the community.  Prairie Networks believes in treating the customer first-rate and fast too.  That is how Prairie Networks developed the jack rabbit as its image for long distance, known as Jack Rabbit Express. Over the past 15 years, we have enhanced our services to include: E-mail Services, High Speed Satellite Internet, Web Hosting, Anti-virus and Security Protection.  In 2012, our company expanded its efforts to partner with InfoArmor® and provide customers with the ultimate in identity theft protection.  We keep trying to innovate partnerships to bring what is important to customers to the local fore front, meanwhile continuing to provide them with the same local customer service. Though we are a small company, we are very community oriented not only in our community, but to the communities we serve.  And that makes us unique to the industry.  Not only do we cover the Eastern Plains of Colorado, but we are in Northern Colorado and Western Kansas too!