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ExedeTM High Speed Satellite Internet

ExedeTM High Speed Satellite Internet is great for those who have no other alternative to broadband Internet services; such as rural locations.  No phone line needed, we simply install a satellite dish and modem and you are connected. Satellite Internet is metered- this means that you pay for a plan based on what you expect to use in a calendar month.  As you get close to using up your data allowance, the Internet will slow down.  However, ExedeTM has an exact reset date; so it will be the same every month, and helps you better manage your usage and plan.  ExedeTM also has a Buy More Now option, which allows the customer to be in control.  So if your computer slows down, you can buy more to get you through the month. For first time users- based on what information you tell us you use the Internet for, we can recommend a plan for you.  We always recommend to start at a lower plan- so you don’t pay for something you aren’t using.  We can always change your plan accordingly, to what fits your needs.

Speeds (Plans may vary by location):

Up to 12Mbps download and up to 3Mbps upload Speeds are not guaranteed- and actual speeds will vary.

Current Plans and Pricing:

Exede Plans:  Are basic plans that allow you to use up to your monthly data allowance for 30 days, after 30 days, your data allowance resets back to 0.  This is a great way to start with satellite Internet- you can move up and down to any plan at any time. Liberty Plans:  Are great for people that know a basic plan will not meet their needs.  The Liberty plans allow you to use more data at lower download speeds of 1 to 5 Mbps, on off-peak times throughout the day- when you have used up all your data allowance.  Where Exede plans get slower and slower once your monthly data allowance has been met.

Buy More Now:

Buy More Now allows you to purchase additional data for $9.99 per GB.  You can purchase from 1 to 9 GB’s in a single transaction at one time.  This puts YOU, the customer, in control!

Installation Charges:

Our current One-time Installation Charge and Activation fee is $49.00 Currently no installation charges for a promotional time-  so act quickly!

Equipment Lease:

All equipment is leased through us at $9.00/ month.

Equipment is warrantied for the lifetime of the equipment, and all regular maintenance and repairs are covered with the $9.00/ monthly charge; with the exception of the trip charge or if deliberate damage was done to the equipment.

Trip Charges:

Trip Charges are charge at installation and maintenance at your location. 75 miles or less from Agate, CO- No additional charge. 76-100 miles from Agate, CO- $29.99 Charge 101 miles or greater from Agate, CO- $49.99 Charge
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